iPhones are really great when it comes to virtual reality porn. Most individuals always think that virtual reality porn is just limited to only expensive headsets or Android devices. That is a totally wrong and void perception. iPhones would provide a virtual reality porn experience that is unimaginable and almost the same with that of many high grade Android devices. Only a little setup is required to get your iPhone virtual porn ready.

First things first, you would need to get a virtual reality headset, but if you have knew already, kudos! There are two types of options for VR headsets the; expensive options and the cheap options. There is the Viewmaster VR headset which can easily be purchased for 12-25 dollars in your local neighborhood store or Walmart. Viewmaster VR’s can also be purchased online at sites like Amazon if you are unable to get one in your local convenience store. Amazon also offers a large variety of cheap virtual reality headsets which would make wonderful alternatives to the Viewmaster.

There is also the Google Cardboard headset which is compatible with an Iphone, you can get that on Amazon also. Just go to the Amazon search bar, enter your iPhone’s version number with “Google Carboard headset.” This is do that you would get one that actually fits your iPhone or would hold your iPhone firmly.

Google Cardboard

Most of the headsets that you would want use are always “Google Cardboard” headsets. Some are actually made of cardboard, hence the name.  You would not want to purchase these. Instead,  you can look for a decent one with fair or above average ratings. This Google Cardboard allows your phone to fit into one of the headset devices. Within one of these headsets, your phone would act as the display and also a head tracker. The phone’s sensors would track the movement of your head while the eyepieces of the headset would make the image on the phone appear to be a stereoscopic 80-degree field of view. Also, keep it in mind that the cheaper headsets might be actually less comfortable to wear for long period of time.

Google Cardboard App

After purchasing your headset, you need not download any extra software. However, if you want to try out some other virtual reality apps features and demos, you would need to download the Google Cardboard app from the IOS App Store. It provides a couple of interesting features and “demo” type apps in their cardboard design but there is nothing really exceptional. Then you are set to watch VR porn on your iPhone. Just follow the steps on our article with the topic ultimate guide to watching VR porn on your IPhone and Voila!!